Partnership with V.E.T.S.

The J. Field Foundation joined forces with the Veterans Equine Therapeutic Services of Connecticut in October. V.E.T.S. provides healing therapeutic services to veterans through equine, agricultural, and educational management. I know that equine-assisted activities and therapies can help brain injured individuals. Riding can help to increase core body strength, while also improving balance and flexibility sharpening spatial and cognitive awareness, developing gross and fine motor skills, helping with breathing and circulation, end exercising memory and sequencing abilities.
This equine program aligns with my mission statement of "providing hope and healing to victims of brain injury."
Learn more about V.E.T.S. 

Court Appointed Special Advocates.

It was an honor to bring my message of hope to the heroic volunteers and staff at CASA of the Midshore, in Easton, Maryland. These Court Appointed Special Advocates inspire me. Men and women who step up to help those who are most vulnerable. I appreciate when I am able to speak to a roomful of such compassionate and strong individuals, who then tell me that my talk helped them, that they do have days when they are discouraged, but find the will to continue. 

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