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Jennifer and Continuum's Emilie Conrad

Jennifer has gained tremendous benefit from working with Emilie and Continuum. Jim Oschman explains it well in Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance:

“Continuum is at the same time a philosophical, scientific, artistic, musical, poetic, and spiritual concept, a cosmology, and an advanced state of consciousness. When applied to our affairs, Continuum leads us naturally to a saner and happier world.”

Dr. William Padula discusses working with Jennifer

The Padula Institute of Vision (PIV) was created to provide excellence in behavioral vision care for children and adults with reading and learning disabilities as well as neuro-optometric rehabilitation for those persons who have neurological problems caused by traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, (CVA), autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, (CFIDS), multiple sclerosis (MS), and cerebral palsy (CP), to name several.

Dr. Tobin Watkinson of the Tobin Institute - Part 1
Dr. Tobin Watkinson of the Tobin Institute - Part 2

Dr. Toby Watkinson has been in practice for thirty three years, and at Scripps Medical Offices for the past eleven years. Dr. Watkinson grew up in Newport, Rhode Island, where his father was an innovative health practitioner who developed a practice which incorporated natural and holistic methods of healing.

Dr. Watkinson's practice blends the best of alternative and traditional medicine to create a more “patient-centered” health environment.

Larry Gust, Electrical Engineer - Part 1
Larry Gust, Electrical Engineer - Part 2
Larry Gust, Electrical Engineer - Part 3

Environmental Consultant Lawrence Gust is an electrical engineer. He is a former Certified Mold Remediator through the Indoor Air Quality Association and he is certified by the International Institute for Bau-Biologie and Ecology (IBE) as a Building Biologist. Mr. Gust has been teaching classes about the indoor environment for IBE since 1996. Mr. Gust is a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor through the Safe Wireless Initiative.