ingGrow Bolder interviews Jennifer

"Jennifer has something many spend their whole lives searching for. She has a purpose. The J. Field Foundation, inspires and informs those affected by brain injury of alternative treatments. It even plans to help defray the costs as many are not covered by insurance. And she’s performed her one-woman show for the general public, educators, and even doctors." - Bill Shafer for American Public Television



Jen demonstrates her "Never say never!" philosophy through countless rehab sessions.

Determined and unwilling to give up, Jennifer ignored her doctor's prognosis and with the help of her loving and dedicated Mother, Joanne Field, combed the globe in search of treatments and therapies that would help her regain her life. The slow and often despairing journey took every ounce of strength and commitment they had.



On the road to the Olympics at the Washington International Horse Show



Houston Metro Senior Issues Examiner names Jennifer Saturday's Senstational SURVIVOR!

Jim Young, Sr. names Jennifer as the Houston Metro's Saturday's Sensational Survivor:

"Take a few minutes to be inspired by this week's featured individual, Jennifer Field.  Then visit her JField Foundation, which provides hope, support  and direction for the thousands of physically and mentally challenged people who face the same massive challenges that she has confronted in her life."