J Field Foundation

Jennifer Field and William Padula

Board of Directors

  • Jennifer Field, President
  • Morgan Ally, Esq.
  • Joanne Field
  • Molly Ingram
  • Racquel Munitz
  • William Padula, OD, FNAP, FAAP, FNORA
  • Sue Scott Stanley

Jennifer sustained a life changing severe head injury in an automobile accident when she was seventeen years old. Her journey from a lengthy deep coma to her graduation magna cum laude, culminating in her full and balanced life today has become a shining light to so many.

The J Field Foundation provides hope and direction for the hundreds of thousands of physically and mentally challenged people who face the same massive challenges that the founder, Jennifer Field, has confronted in her life.

Today through the J Field Foundation's various activities Jennifer and her team are committed to giving back to others. She delivers her message of hope and inspiration to public, corporate and school audiences across the country through her inspiring speeches and one woman show, A Distant Memory. This show portrays Jennifer’s purposeful odyssey from her coma, through endless years of hard work and therapies, to her life today in Santa Monica, California.

Jennifer's goal is to donate funds to help brain injured individuals to partake of some of the alternative therapies that insurance does not cover. We feel that these selected therapies that helped Jennifer so much should be available to more brain injury survivors.




The J Field Foundation seeks to help those affected by severe head injuries through the education of patients, caregivers and advocates alike; plus funding alternative therapies usually not covered by insurance for brain injury patients.

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